Wednesday, September 13, 2006

3arayes is comming soon....!!!

yep I finished from the film, and we finaly ended this chapter.....!!!

we gave a good presentation to the commety and they liked it and laughed alot while watching the movie....!!!

but here is the thing.....

after 12 hours of filming material, and many interviews, they told us to shrink the movie cause it's a short film festival....!!!

so right now the movie is 13 minutes and 5 seconds long.....!!! and it's goood really gooood....!!!
we are having a public screening on saturday at the RFC and they will tell us which film is the best so wish us luck.....!!!

I'll try to finish the subtitles as soon as I can, and finish the DVD.......!!!
in case I return to Kuwait by the 25th of september I will prepare enough DVD's of the movie for the next bloggers meeting, so do please come by then.....!!!

and yeah a building in Amman just collapsed in front of us it's called Bawabat el-Ordon, they say there are 100's of workers were working while the building was collapsing, I will give you a detailed post once I get pictures tommorow......!!!

and yeah I felt the earth quake last week.....!!!

p.s.: I and four of my team will be working with the RFC in other projects, and we'll get to do movies as well, that is our own....!!!
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