Thursday, December 27, 2007

EXzombie The Taxi Driver......!!!

yeah it's true, for a limited time, I will be driving one of the annoying Taxi caps, around the city, picking up strangers and such, taking them everywhere, if you want a ride, e-mail me or call me......!!!

this is not a fluke, and I'm not broke, well not to the bone, but I will be working with fellow Kuwaiti Filmmakers (Filmers Club) in a joint production of our latest movie that has the temporary title "Taxican", I'll be the Driver, Nawaf Boarki will be the taxi owner who will accompany me through out the film, two other Kuwaiti filmmakers will join us; Miq& Moos's Miqdad Al-Koot (Paradoxes, Khalid's Beautiful Mind) and the lead in "Khalid's Beautiful Mind" and Dawood Shuail's "The Warrior" Musaed Al-Adwani will appear as the Joker and Mr.Sheep......!!!

Musaed is a good actor, and performed well in the difficult role of Khalid, I like the impressions he uses, and as Miq& Moos, they really know how to imitate people around them, and notice trademark ways to show a character (they told me mine was the hehehehe laugh which is just like the way I write it.....!!!), this is a sign, and I think they will go far if they keep up the good work, Miq's film "Paradoxes" is also good, it was original and creative, even tough it was Lynch-ic, I liked the film, and the idea of making people irritated is OK with me.....!!!

my youngest brother Soud who was in "Joker's Revenge" will also be in the movie as Jahrawi& Panda with a friend of his......!!!

one of my favourite actors in Kuwait will be joining us also in the film, Nizar Al-Qandi (SaL3AWI, Bug& Baldy Show) will also join us, and I really am looking to work with him, I always wanted to work with him and Salah Al-Bawi, I don't know why, but they seem to be the catalyst to any decent work lately.....!!!
Al-Ma'sab brothers will also join us, so already I'm hyped about it.....!!!

we will start shooting tomorrow, so if you want to watch us filming, or want to join us, just send me an e-mail, or contact me, my numbers are available in facebook, and in the events label.....!!!

wish us luck..
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