Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lego Pride......!!!

50th Lego b-day.....!!!

I had fun with Lego in my childhood, until we found the cheaper replica, after that I began the destruction phase, I broke every brick, chewed the plastic heads and hands, and made pornographic attempts with the Lego people.....!!!

I used to pee on the pirate ship.......!!!

I burned the space shuttle.....!!!

I even picked my nose with Lego hands......!!!

Lego taught me alot, peeing on things will make them smelly, peeing on Lego will make them smellier, and watching some one else playing with urine coated Lego is only funny until he realises the smell and goweyness......!!!

and you'll get a beaten for peeing on things, peeing on your cousin's pirate ship will get you grounded, having your other cousin to pee with you on his big brother's pirate ship will lead him to being beaten up, and you too......!!!

burning the space shuttle will make it smelly and fill the room with smoke, that will mean being grounded, and you won't have face to ask for a new one, getting burned for the sake of realism is not worth it......!!!

picking up your noes and collecting snot by Lego hands is funny until you bleed, also snot is not food, and eating it by grown up's standards is disgusting......!!!

want to know more on Lego go read it from Wikipedia ......!!!

I'll only post vids of movies Lego style......!!!

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