Saturday, February 13, 2010

5 minutes of Heaven!

every act, every violence, and every forgiveness has two sides to it..

reconciliation is not an easy task, nor letting go.. if you have doubts I recommend that you watch and observe this straight forward and sincere film!
I just finished watching this film, and already I'm drowning in endless thoughts and debating every emotion observed in the film.

I always put myself in the shoes of the character to more understand the torment and struggle faced during the film, in this one.. it was electrifying!
now what would you do if you have the chance to meet some one, that person was the reason of all the miseries of your life, that someone killed your brother.. in front of you! leaving a heartbroken father and an unforgiving accusing mother! and after 30 years, you are given this rare opportunity to see this someone, the talk to this person, and to see if revenge prevails over revenge!

you see every film this year and past year discussed revenge, murder, and forgiveness, don't get me wrong, 5 Minutes of Heaven tackle it too, but on a different side of the coin!
this film shows you the two sides of a crime, how do the survivor try to forgive, how to let go, even unwillingly, to see the important things and focus on them. and how do the killer live the void that is his life, how he suffers the aftermath of his crime, how he tries not to ask for forgiveness, but to seek conciliation with what he did!
both of them circle retribution, but that doesn't mean that they can have it or deserve it because of their status!

the film is blessed with the performance of actors of great quality, I'm a sucker for every Liam Neeson film, he is an incredible actor, and the words he say in each film is transforming into epic statements.

and to balance it we have James Nesbitt who amazingly gave us a new perspective on such a tormenting ordeal!

this movie is not simple, it doesn't give you answers to questions, it is a handful movie that continues long after the credits end.

I give it 9/10.
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