Monday, September 17, 2007

Hogan and Rocky in Kuwait......!!!

imagine Rocky, Drago, Clubber, Hulk Hogan, the incredible HULK, Bruce Lee, Superman, Batman, Goku, Arnold, Samuel Jackson, Jason Vorhees, Freddy Kruger, Predator, King Leonidas, Spiderman, Wolverine, DareDevil, Homer Simpson, Gatsu, Grappler Baki, Ryu, the Punisher, Robocop, Spawn, Beast, wonderwoman, Mai Shiranui (King of fighters), the ultimate warrior, the rock, Vegeta, Shrek and many more..

in one tournament, in a league of their own, fighting each other on no hold bars, no rules and regulations, no restrictions what so ever.......!!!

all of that in the first annual Action Figures Fighting Championship, and guess what... it's here in Kuwait.......!!!

yesterday was the opening ceremony where the organizers gave the crowds a glimpse of what to expect, six of what we call best of the best were introduced to the media.......!!!

Hogan, Lee, Balboa, UM, Drago, and Rocky........!!!

Hulk Hogan the WWF legend, teasing the crowd with his "I can't hear you" pose......!!! behind him is the Kung Fu legend Bruce Lee, showing his master skill with what was arguably the deadliest weapon in his arsenal the nunchuks.......!!!

the crowd went crazy after Drago Dared Rocky in a fist fight, but Rocky declined only to witness the rampage of Drago unleashed on Rocky forcing him to the corners of shame (all because of Adrian)......!!!

Rocky swallowed Dragos' fist like a good lad, while the Ultimate Warrior cheered his heart out telling us clearly that he is a Communist.......!!!

and in response to our question his replay was ....

so if anyone understood what he said please tell me......!!!

the organizers promised us with a mind throwing surprise, the refs, the commentators, all and more... so stay tuned.....!!!
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