Sunday, March 02, 2008

blogger segregation.....!!!

the meeting went great, we had fun in it...

I brought donuts instead of the cake since I compared the cake with Maze birthday cake, so I decided that donuts is better, I greeted the dust for few minutes before Tat showed up, that was the first time for Forza to come late (I have a weak memory so correct me if I'm wrong), Tata came after that and we asked him about alot of things including the new designs and T-shirt line... well it was nice to see Tata after so long time, I couldn't get hold of him while I was in Jordan, so reuniting one of the "Meeting Monks" was great....!!!

Forza finally came, to give him credit he was in Sulaibikhat, we talked about many things, Maze came while we began eating the donuts, so I had to improvise.... I sang happy birthday and took a lighter instead of the candle, it didn't go well, Mr. Chocolate and Ducati came soon after Maze, Khalid Al-Otaibi (A.K.A حاكي عقالي) came and whirled the bloggers in series of debates, the last to arrive as always was Nibaq who to his credit was in Sulaibikhat too.....!!!

we had some really nice debates, and we came decided that Safat needs a new logo and if available a banner too, we will make it a contest so if you have something in your mind please do start on it, we will announce it soon, also we decided that Bloggers will have instead of one meeting every first Saturday to having 2 meetings, one on every first Saturday of each month and the other every second Wednesday of the same month, meaning our next bloggers meeting (40th) would be on the 12th.....!!!

there are also plans to have blogger activities, and community services, we will need however your recommendation about it, so give us your thoughts......!!!

we would also like to thank the bloggeretat for segregating the meetings.....!!!

thanks for the support.
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