Saturday, July 16, 2005

his name is Dr.ZOIDBERG....!!!

i need help...
i swear I DO need help....!!!
the dude next to me is my shirazi cat "Dr.Zoidberg" , my exp. with animals in general is lower than average but cats were my favourate pets from my childhood... now to cut it short....
this cat sleeps more than polar bears, in fact since ha came 2 months ago (he's 4 now) i sow him awake for 2 hours twice, and thats it.... he's usually awake for 30 minutes at most unliss playing is involved which could last for an hour...
this is strange because he dosn't eat much (my target was a half a can of felix cat food + half what i eat...!)

and unlike his big brother "EXzombie" (who cary my nickname) he eats purina crunshs (more than breathing air) and sandwiches and salads....!!! (i thought cats were in the same family of tigers & lions) the doc. also eats BigMacs, flafel, chupati, سلطة مايونيز, and anything that is in a plastic bag and/or my hands are holding it....!!!
a thing cought my mind also is that the doc dont know how to jump until now....?!?!
r there any one whose intristed in cats and can help me wake the dude up.....!!!

خلصت كلامي
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