Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Q80 ChillGirl can be cruel.....!!!

yeah she can......!!!

I just got back from IRONMAN and did my routine, checking e-mails and such only to find an e-mail from Q80 ChillGirl, at first I thought she got married cause the title was "she got married/ I got married" the confusion is due to the arabic form "عرّست"......!!!

I wanted to wait until I read what she has to say... nothing much was there, just a link.......!!!

I thought to myself wow, they talked about the wedding in al-qabas, that's nice, but what I saw broke my heart, I saw my love next to something, and news of her getting married......!!!

it breaks my heart knowing such an Angel is married to another guy, I will try to custom make a clone of you someday Mélissa Theuriau, wait for me.....!!!

CG, I will have my revenge.....!!!
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