Friday, October 31, 2008


this post is part of the KLMARROC

(Kuwaitis to Lift Morals After Retards Ruined Our Country)
so injoy..

old I know but I liked the song a long time ago....!!!

I have a question for you.. let's say you had a fight with a girl(the question for the guys obviously) and she slaps/hits you.. what would you do? do you hit back, or pretend to be a a gent (wuss).....?!

case in point:

how can she slap indeed....!!!

this is a valuable lesson from a great teacher, could it answer our questions in this dilemma we face

we realy need people like him, may god rest his soal

I love fishing I got it from my grandfather, and was always fascinated with an orthodox ways to fish, I know you heard about the red neck fishing, but have you heard about Afghani fishing......!!!

1 RPG shell for 1 fish (live too), the essence of red neck fishing.......!!!

now here is a funny story..

after Desert Storm, an American Soldier posted in Panama got carried away with pride, he was full of himself, so he went to a boxing ring, and bullied the people there to face him in a boxing match.. what happens next was captured in video..

Gringo V.S. Bolo

owned the panamian way

now do you love to make out before or after a fight.....?!

he's not gay people, point proven.....!!!

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