Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Power of Music

for the sake of Ramadan and the fact that people won't have enough energy to apprehend or read my post... did you get that... NO....!!!

OK... I'll stick to equations

hypothesis: music can alter visual experience

proof: using a controlled agent i.e. an epic music in this case "Requiem for a tower"

test (A)

gayest clip ever found in you tube + epic music


a great action movie......!!!

test (B)

the most retarded show in history + epic music


just go here

worthy of Monty Python status.......!!!

ok, so on other notes music also have a dark side to it case in point:

so what if we played it backwords...

need a more clear one.. here is Eagles' Hotel California

now enjoy

I tryed to find something that'll make you cry, but being testing it on my self, I couldn't find something that'll make me cry, so be glad I'm giving you this

p.s. the post is not targeting the weak muslims with satanic music or messages, it's solely for the sake of entertainment
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