Monday, December 19, 2005

Kuwait anonymous... Kuwait annoyance.....!!!

I'm pretty sure most of you did already know about Kuwait anonymous, that Nibaq developed and gave us his trust to use it wisely....

but what the fuck are you doing....?!?!

are you that retarded, some people out there really do need therapy.....!!!
and what is the thing that you can't say or ppl will prevent you from saying in your own blog....!!!

in case you didn't realize it yet assholes, your already ANONYMOUS....!!! so why the fuck do you go and sabotage a site like that.....!!!
I know it's an experiment to see how do we react, but for god's sake..... have a dignity and stop the bull shit.....!!!

ok lets skip the last part.....

and just for the heck of it, I'll comment on what some of the retards posted there .....

here it goes:

this retard talks about his childhood choice of food, which is snot.....!!!

guess what man, all of us did that in our life but, dreaming of it and fantasizing about it is creepy....!!! how about stretching down and try fucking your nose if your so funded of it....!!!

now this guy made me laugh....

he was on those many flights to all over the world, and he has a problem with his ass pooping machine....!!!
he can't handle his shit....!!! so he goes and have a "mud butt" and talks very proudly about this amazing accomplishment....?!?!?!

but I had a question that I hope he would answer me.....
how did you circumcised your self asshole using a plastic cup filled with water....?!?! and why the hell didn't your parent do it while you were infant....?!?!

lastly I would advise you to plug not only your ass with a "fel'eena" as you said but you should stick your fingers too so that you wont have to type anything for us to see or reed....!!!

now this guy is a total wuss, and I strongly believe that he is a fucking virgin geek(I have nothing against virgins), that guy invented for some reason a new word "Hijabi" to indicate a girl that wears a hijab and thus indicating that he knows nothing about it.... he might be a non Kuwaiti or Arab for that matter but what was amazing is that he had the brain mass of a rat.....!!!

you don't believe me.....?!?!

"I fuck an hijabi that I met", yoo Retardamous, keep it down a little bit ok buddy.....!!!
the grammar stinks like your armpit in summer day, try using AXE or excel ....!!!

"This is their idea, I just answered an ad online. "
so, and correct me if I'm wrong..... you would answer an online ad even if it was from a German Cannibal.....!!! how funky can you get....!!!

"I tie her up with her hijab."
last time I checked, Hijab was different than ropes.....!!! and it's some what like a scarf, but I guess too many porno can effect your way of lying.....!!!

"She sneaks out so I can fuck her with out him watching"
I think he won't mind you fucking her from his back, he watches her getting fucked right....?!?!
or there is something your not telling me.....?!?! does the husband participate sometimes...?!?!
you don't like that.........?!?! hehehehe fucking LooooL in the ass I guess....!!!
you learn to share the fun.....!!!

"I fucked her in the car once while watching traffic go by"
so would you be an angel and explain to me what kind of traffic did you watch, and on what street was it....!!! you know ppl would fuck anything that moves here but when you see you had sex in the streets and nobody fucked you up in the butt is somewhat hard to believe....!!!
but who knows......!!!

and last thought I wanted to share it with you asshole of the geeks,

"Her husband thinks I am his friend."

will, I think her husband thinks of more than friendship....!!!
remember this your ass is owned prison bitch.....!!! have your ass prepared for the butt talking cause I;m pretty sure your mouth would be occupied by dildoic entity.......!!!

apparently there is a guy or a girl or a bisexual retard that is fund of his farts.....!!!

and he brags about it, dude all farts stink.... now wither your farts have a shitty smell and trumpeting sound like an elephant, or has a smell of perfumes and Mozart symphonies comes out of your butt, will guess what fuck face....

NO BODY CARES......!!!
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