Sunday, December 04, 2005

R-rated post.... Should I or shouldn't I post it...?!?!

I'm somewhat confused about three posts I'm planning to post them here in December....

the main problem is that they are X-rated and explicitly contains sexual content....
should I cut the x-materials, or should I make it more comical, and ease your tendon.....?!?!

or JUST DO IT....?!?!

to give you a hint on how HARD is the content, take a look at the titles:

- The Fools Guide to initiate Making Passionate Love to a Camel/ Stingray.....!!!

- The Newly Weds Guide For Breaking the Ice (ليلة الدخلة)

- The Encyclopedia Sexualitica: how many sexual types do we have......?!?!

what do you think...?!?! and I would like the ppl of safat to give me thier opinion.....?!?!

Fooooonish Speeking
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