Wednesday, March 07, 2007

サブハぬ ぱらづ

today, is a day Kuwait resumes a tradition it long forgot, the military march parade. in Sabhan now the biggest military parade is undergoing to"tell Kuwaitis we are safe under the hands of the army", his royal HIness Sheikh Sabah is attending the parade. and since most of us are either at work or simply not bothered to see hundreds of men in uniform, act in the hype of the moment and shout the name of Sabah, we don't need that, but we wont mind that.......!!!

and not to forget mentioning, a marine parade will undergo also but in the evening.

I hate it when a guy stands infront of any one else, and recite poems of love, bravery, and other fucking shit, and the idea that pledge thier lifes for the sake of the Prince.......!!!

watching policemen emerging from their cars like some wakoos enlighten my day, andwhat the idea of showing the latest boats on land......!!! is that a sign that we have the best tech and we waste it like that.......!!!

سوالف العجاف ملينا منها، و انا للحين سمعت سبعتش الف واحد كلهم يقولون شعر و مدح و بوس طيز لحضرة الزائر الكبير، بينهم كلمتين بس عن الكويت........!!! وناسة المصاخة الي عندنا، و توني استوعب انه اعضاء المجلس خربوا جيشنا، لأنه اشكالهم تقول طالعين من بطون قطاوة شوارع

بعدين سمعتوا عن شي اسمه "حركة الانفتاح"......؟!؟!؟
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