Friday, March 09, 2007

私輪 ば云いは 

todays post will be in Japanese letters, but not in Japanese, so don't waste your time bringing a freind of yours who speak it, but he'll make it a bit easier to tell you what I mean in the post.....

it's about HIM.

ないすトラY,わたしわ エグゾムベ あなあからふ まやお まぉふ サボハタナ 犬 クワイト あぶなおうふ 委 ふぁ貢 出無 委F位 はづ あぅほるさ ばす あな まぃ ぶはらかちぅまかねす うぇ 井戸ぬとりく 火無、絵ヴぇん畏怖そめうの いすじゅてむいぅ めえるづ。 
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