Saturday, March 03, 2007

EXzombie's last appearance in The Don Show.....!!!

today was my last podcast recording with the Don show......!!!

yep this is it.....!!! I'll be heading back to Jordan this friday and I don't know if I will have time to podcast with the guys, so let's see what happens, but I promise to be back as a guest....!!!

so if anyone was annoyed by me in the podcast rejoice....!!!

today we talked about.... I forgot....!!!

and if anyone was guessing what accent I used for the podcast, it was Arabic.......!!!
so it was a good podcast this time in my opinion than the Karaoki podcast.....!!!

anyways, for the first time I didn't mention Tanta or the other gay islamist......!!!
but Mark got mentioned once or twice, I even invented a word "Marking Marketing" to describe Forza's
Koo Kabab post, we had also the Ask Forza section, where you can ask him anything you like.......!!!

this is the link to the podcast, and if you want to subscribe to it in iTunes just copy this link to the subscribe to a podcast.....

what do you think about this episode.....?!?!

if you want to see the pics just head to my facebook page and see the pics I just downloaded.....!!!

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