Saturday, March 03, 2007

Cuts: Brazil in a plate......!!!

This was the 3rd time for me going for this place, great environment, great atmosphere; cheap hotel decor though, didn't understand why the walls so thin.....?!?! the Brazilian restaurant has the best of the south American coziness, the meat....!!!
this new
steakhouse is hidden in the worst place possible, the Movenpic hotel in the free zone.....!!!

The hotel is amazingly cheap, and I don't know why the rooms are scattered every where, even near the public bathrooms.....!!!

anyhow, the lighting and restaurant atmosphere gives a great sense of calmness, that you're really going to have a great meal... they have a limited variety on their menu, simply Tabas and some salads, and the thing that made this steakhouse one of my best choices…. the Chusco or the all-in-one eat till you explode......!!!

you get Beef steak, Veal, Chicken, Lamp chop, Sausage, plus the side dishes of fries, mash potato, rice cakes, and vegetables.......!!!
I gave the food 4.8 out of 5, everything was amazing, and you can't stop eating until you can not move......!!! this is for the meat only, the Tabas are not at the same level as the meat……!!!
The staff is friendly and hospitable; they even went to the point of talking Portuguese......!!!
I gave the staff 3.5 out of 5....

The restaurant needs a drastic change of location, away from the Hotel......!!!
the side dishes need improvement, and the Tapas are a bit difficult to accept......!!!

My advise to you is to try this Steakhouse, but avoid anything but the Chusco, and insist that the chicken is well-done to burnt to a crisp......!!! It's better and safer this way… trust me……!!!
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