Sunday, March 18, 2007

Meeting Star Academy girls at Acaba......!!!


I'm participating in "THE WALK.. Moving Forward" a Jordanian Cinema festival in "Acaba", the festival which is coordinated by NBF "No Budget Films" and "Pioneers Production company", will begin on the 22nd of march that's 4 days from now, but I'm going to be there from the 21st, I'll be in Acaba for 3 days, and there is a Film Production Contest in script writing that I'm participating in , I don't think I'll be winning anything since I worked on the script a bit late......!!!

but who knows I might win something.......!!!I'm looking forward to meet Ghada Saba, the founder of "The Walk Project"....

The Walk was launched in 2005, with over 500 participants staging a march from Hashemi Square to Amman Municipality Center (Ras Al Ain). As part of this event, a  First Film Production Contest was held, and a jury selected four winners from among 20 submissions. The winners were all young talents, writing scripts for the first time. Following its overwhelming success,  The Walk was established as a biennial event.

anyway, this festival is a good sign that there are still people working hard to form not only a film industry in Jordan, but in the Arab world, I still stand by my opinion that Egyptian cinema is still crap and not worth mentioning,except for some mutated films that might be considered good, anyhow, wish me luck, and I'll try to keep you updated if I can, I know I'll be taking tons of pictures thanks to Hadi who gave me his Camera.......!!!

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I'm in love mode so unliss you want to here me ryhme love in words (not poems but something more irritating), don't bother calling me........!!!

I'm not talking about "you"....!!!
you can call me anytime anywhere.......!!! but on one condition, don't end it by : "it was nice talking to you...." or the "I had a great time talking to you....." I hate too much politness, so be your self, I like it that way.......!!!

p.s. I didn't think that there gonna be people deciphering what I wrote in the last post, I guess I'll make it harder next time, hmmm.... how about Korean.......?!?!
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