Monday, June 04, 2007

Arabology 101......!!!

the only thing now preventing me from posting a rage slasher against "KPzoo" is whats happening in Lebanon.....!!!

I never been there, but I raised nothing but utmost respect to the people, I love Lebanon, even though I don't know that many Lebanese friends.....!!!

to see a screw up like Hassan N. turn the blaze on the fabric of the unity in Lebanon is carving my heart and pride......!!!

I don't care if he is a descendant of the Prophet "peace be upon him", what good came of him if death, misery, and suffering was all he had to give his people, fuck that, why should he be treated with royalty because of his alleged decent of the the "Rasool", nowadays, every sicko/bastard/butcher claim he is from the Prophet's linage......!!!

Saddam was one, we have one in Safat claiming he is too, (the Egyptian bodybuilding, martial gay guitarist artist ISLAM)......!!!
and all of them share something, they are all fucked in the ass, and damaged their brains badly as an outcome.....!!!

Hassan N. stole the liberation of "Janoob" years ago to gain ground in the political race, he dragged Lebanon to a one sided massacre (although all massacres are one sided), he dragged Lebanon to be bombed by every rocket and fire the Israelis through with no retaliation (unless Katusha is counted which didn't do shit for shitter) now some will say that the Israelis lost billions of dollars due to the war, but for fucks sake...... Lebanese people are more important than two solders, two billion or two bucks ain't worth the life of a single Lebanese kid, try to fathom what I say people, Fuck this Arab mentality that reduces the lives of humans to mere cattle heads and goats......!!!

even now, a greater assholes of galactic proportions, started fighting in the name of God, now, just to be on the safe side.....

they call themselves "Fat'h al-Islam", which at first you as a sane person would think they are Muslims, and have a relation with "Fat'h" the Palestinian movement, since they are Muslims, and are in Lebanon, they are either Palestinians and from time to time will try to fend Israelis as they are the enemy by heritage and boredom.......!!!

yeah will you were wrong just about EVERY GOD DAMN THING......!!!

now what was the first thing to do when a greenhorn group wants to be on TV......!!!

they started attacking Lebanese forces, the Lebanese army......!!! in Lebanon, and for what.....?!?!

their leader must be suffering from a mother fucking bad ass case of cross eyed vision.......!!! cause the mother fucker couldn't differentiate between Lebanese and Israelis, they start killing and attacking the Lebanese on Lebanese ground, and here is the fucking thing.... turns out they are not Palestinians for us to somehow connect some string, but Saudis, north Africans, and from other Islamic countries......?!?!

now why the fuck would these people want... coming to Lebanon and killing the people, you'd think they'd attack the Israelis, try something Arabiotic, but nooooooo....

we'll show the Israelis how fucked up the Arabs can get, and not only in Lebanon, but also under their nose, where Fat'h and Hamas fuck each other more openly to the press now.....!!!

they used to tip off the Israelis on the location of undesired opposition that coincidentally the Israelis wanted to puff-go......!!!

now, they don't need Israelis to rape-kill each other, they show the world how Islamic they can be......!!!

I am ashamed of being an Arab, fuck yeah, you heard me, I'm ashamed, we are but a mere fucked up delinquent goat fucking retards, that if we thought we were educated we'd reach a point were our assholes can't contain the shit that we are full of it......!!!

fuck, the Zalamat think that they are the most educated and most enlightened beings in the world, and the Khalejien think that with money you can buy the respect of others, and the Egyptians think they are humans, and other North African Arabs think they are french for some reason, and the other nobodies have their issues of not being white.......!!!

while the truth is, Zalamat have such bad manner that no matter how high your education, you're still a rude asshole, while Khalaijah (as demeaned by the Zalamat) have yet to gain their self respect before buying it, and no Egyptians are not humans, nor have the greatest civilization, Abualhole is not Masri, he's Pharaonic, those who rule the Nile now aren't the descendants of Pharaohs no matter how fucking they repress the people, the North Africans are not french France ran away after their demise, Zidane is not Algerian, he's french.....!!!

the fact that he was going to play for Algerian youth team, but rejected doesn't give a nation the right in his development, HE had the talent, yet if he was to play under the Algerian jersey we wouldn't have ever heard his name.......!!!

Nubian and others, I have nothing for them to say except go fuck yourselves, for killing and bestowing hell on earth in darfore and other places.....!!!

and me.....!!!

I nag a lot, I'm a fat lazy psycho, who is a racist, sexist supremacist gay phobic (not fear, hate), not that open minded or liberal, kinder phobic, self praising-better than everyone-entity, I swear like a mother fucker, I hate and hate, till it consumes me......!!!

fuck you and fuck every one, I won't quit, and will continue to irritate the living shit that you are......!!!

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