Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Habib Husain film in KCC.....!!!

Just came back from Kuwait Cinema Club, where Director Habib Husain, and Director Abdullah Bushehri were both honored for their outstanding works where Director Habib Husain just won the Nile International Environmental Film Festival's Golden award for the long Documentary film "Reservations.... the last stand"

"المحميات.... الملاذ الاخير"

while Director Abdullah Bushehri has just won the first prize of the GCC's Films from the UAE festival, for his first long documentary film "Losing Ahmed" "فقدان احمد" .

Habib's film was then screened, and as always the film was breath taking, I saw the 13 episodes of his mini series "The Ecosystem, Fragile balance" almost a year ago and still do as it is a Bible in cinematography, "Reservations" was shot before the mini series "Ecosystem", and you can clearly see the fundamentals of his style in these works.....!!!

what is shameful is that these work don't get to reach the silver screen because of the subject it tackles......!!!
the environment, the ecosystem is not a priority in the agendas of TV networks......!!!

and you get fed up after 20 years of running after the networks just to look at the works let alone showing them......!!!

Director Habib Husain, has made more than 80 short films across the middle east, and was the first to implement the genius talent of Dr. Al-Deeqan, in a partnership that set the bar high for the Kuwaiti works, he didn't restrain himself to documentaries, he directed "Symphonic Poem", the TV opera "Ya Sahir el Lail", and "Magazil al-Khair".....!!!

I had the honor to be invited last year by Director Habib Husain, where we saw his hidden (by negligence of Kuwait TV and other Kuwaiti networks) treasure of amazing works of art, I labeled his work after that by "the paintings of motion picture", his scenes are nothing but masterpiece paintings, and even when he sheds the light on pollution, you can't omit how strong the message that the scene shouts through to our minds.......!!!

I think I spotted a couple of bloggers there, as well as Bunaz, who fled away from the scene before I got the chance to talk to him, and ask him about his film "the Decision" "القرار "......?!?!
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