Tuesday, November 20, 2007

3arayes & Joker's Revenge on KTV....!!!

the first episode of Youth Cinema (3 parts) is to be shown this Sunday, I don't know when exactly but there is a promotional trailer on the TV (I don't have a satellite connection and I don't watch TV), with rerun on Monday.....!!!

you'll get to see Kuwaiti Filmmakers, and some of their films, if I'm not mistaken you'll get to see in the first episode some of our films : Kuwaituna, Joker's revenge, and maybe Flight Night.

in the next episode 3arayes will be shown.

Youth Cinema is Directed by none other than Habeeb Husain, so you'll get a glimpse of why I love this guy's work......!!!

and can some one check exactly when are they showing the episodes, and maybe record it......!!!
I'll bring him a Rababa......!!!

support the Kuwaiti filmmakers, and if want to join the Filmers Club at Kuwait Cinema Club, contact me by my E-mail, or come to our weekly Diwania.....!!!
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