Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Mist

No Spoilers in this post......!!!

I was fortunate today to watch 4 amazing films, I'm bit fed up and don't have anything to do so as soon as I returned from ASU I watched The Mist..

this is by far one of the best adaptations to Stephen King, this year is a good year for him with 1408 and The Mist hitting the right buttens.....!!!
I think the his short stories are amazing, he can't fail and twist them enough to ruin them....!!!

Frank Darabont did an amazing job in transferring the short story into the thriller.

I liked it soo much, and the characters were portrayed in a way either you cheer for them or wait for them to die......!!!

I cheered for Olli (Toby Jones) every time he did something on screen, he was the typical wuss who became the hero of the day, nothing he did was wrong......!!!

Thomas Jane was also fantastic and I think he established himself as the next "Ash".....!!!

an aspect I liked was the debate represented in the movie of how civilized humans can be when we replace Low and Order with Fear and Chaos.....!!!

a down side though is the CGI, not satisfying enough, and a bit damped......!!!

I'll end here so that I don't spoil it for you......!!!

you can download a 7/10 copy from here.

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