Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Project Turtles 2007.....!!!

as always, same as every year since 2000, Project Turtle is now a 7 year old Kuwaiti/Japanese project that is carried out by the Japanese society in Kuwait......!!!

same as last year the Project will target Shuwaikh Beach Park, where all the Japanese people in Kuwait JOIN in to clean the beach in order to enhance Kuwaiti people’s awareness of environmental protection.....!!!

we hope this year the Numbers would exceed 100 participants.....!!!
and wish that the Number of Kuwaiti participants will increase this year, the campain is open to every one, and it is a chance to meet Japanese people living in Kuwait......!!!

Date : November 24, Saturdey, 10:00-11:00
Location: Shuwaikh Beach Park (See a map attached)

(*) At the end of the operation, we will hold a closing ceremony.

for further information please contact Mr. Hideyuki Urata

Mobile: 9423340

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