Friday, November 02, 2007

Reasons Not to Take Children to the Zoo......!!!

WARNING: sexual content ahead (PG 18)

Rhino Rock Fucking Syndrom (RRFS)or IRFS.....!!!

The Zoo is the only place in the planet where you can show kids that it's alright to take a dump where you stand, in front of strangers, eat like a pig, and smell like shit, never taking a bath, never trimming your nails, be rude, fuck anything that moves, and be totaly naked 24/7......!!!

Zebra having his way with 2 females, the ultimate male fantasy.....!!!

it's also the only place where you can eat cotten candy (sha3ar banat) while inhaling the mind blowing deffening worst shitty smell in the whole world, and be still injoying the taste of cotten and shit.....!!!

I hate going to the Zoo, even though I am a die hard fan of Animal planet, and any wild life programs. But going there and subject my self to the extended-uncut-unrated version of Fart The Experience is not my thing.....!!!

Walrus group sex, how adorable, aren't they......?!

I like Aquariums, cause the glass that seperate us from the fish is not only water proof, but also smell proof......!!!

Ron Jeremy wanna be.....!!!

another annoying fact about Zoos in the world, is that they make a huge fuss about stupid things, like Panda couple fucked already, expect a kid soon, or Lion/tiger/bear/aligator bite the keeper's hand off......!!!

Rhino incest, the kid want to reach the tits.. I think......!!!

or a kid jumps to the lions den, be eaten.. and homosexual monkeys....!!!

Lesbian action: they are females (for a change), and they are Messionary Scissor Fucking (MSF).....!!!

so what... whats the big deal with these stories.....?!?!

Orangutang Oral service, the best in the Zoo.....!!! thinking of bringing one.....!!!

animals do fuck regularly, and Pandas are animals, so they would fuck from time to time, the thing is, some animals like to have their privacy when fucking, and don't get a hard on when 2000 pair of perverted eyes look at you as if watching a porno......!!!

and why do we still think that lions and other predaators wont bite your hand off if you present it to him, it's his nature, and his job to eat you......!!!

then we reach a human retardation landmark in the Zoo life..

why on hell do you people lift your kids, and sit them on the wall.......?!?!

fucking kids are annoying every one in the planet, their curiosity should be limited to colors, this kid was asking for a beat up when he walked into a fresky Kangaroo action, this photo was taken seconds before the kid got a hole the size of a watermelonfrom the agitated "Kang The Fornicator"......!!!

there is a reason the wall is belt... which is to prevent the retarded kids from going straight to the animals, kids would do such stupid things, it's their nature, like the flame, they will always want to touch it, and when they do, they know they will be fucked up again by it.......!!!

nasty threesome, I don't know why but it reminds me of "Nip/tuck", this scene is a result of providing 200 male Deers, with 1 female......!!! the one in the midle is a bi-sexual pedophile since she is under 18 years old......!!!

and on the homosexuality, nope... it's not natural, you gay lovers should know better, it's just like in JAIL, you keep hundreds of sexually agitated males in a compacted place, the same is in the Zoo, NOT ENOUGH FEMALES OUT THERE.....!!!

some of you'll say: but domestic dogs can be homos.....!!!

yeah, they will, if they notice that their owners are gay, they will do as the dominant figure would do, and if the owner suck dick, the dog will also suck dick, meaning gay dogs are owned by gay fags......!!!

last thing is.. don't you think animals in the Zoo are stage actors......?!?!

they will do anything if it'll bring them food.......!!!

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